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Released 5/21/99 Revised 01/31/00


What is Baitfish! ?

Baitfish! is our latest development in thefishfinder.com fishing properties. It is our crawler and is programmed to index fishing sites only.

How big is Baitfish! ?

Baitfish! grows by 1000's of sites each month. For a current size visit our home page. A link can be found at the bottom of this page.

How can I get my site into Baitfish! ?

Baitfish! selects sites based on URLs currently in thefishfinder web directory. To get in this directory, a site needs to be related to fishing and or boating. It is a free listing. A reciprocal link is appreciated and rewarded.

I am listed but I can't locate my site.

The Baitfish! database is updated every month. If you have recently listed your site, it will most likely appear in our next update. If this doesn't seem to be the problem, we may have deleted your site for repetitive titles and or meta tags. Some site owners use common headers  for hundreds of pages. When spotted, we delete everything down to the start page. In addition large domains such as geocites are ignored. If you have a site on geocities or other, you need to contact us for a special crawl.

Baitfish!   missed portions of my site.

Baitfish is programmed to walk your entire domain and ignore pages that have nothing to do with fishing. It also ignores massive message boards, doorway pages and keyword refresh pages.

Why do Baitfish! results appear when I am trying to search thefishfinder directory?

Your search of thefishfinder directory returned no results and Baitfish! was automatically activated to perform the search on it's database. This is similar to Yahoo and Altavista. When Yahoo fails to find a match it searches Altavista for a match.

Can I advertise on Baitfish! ?

Click Here for advertising rates.

What are OPW's plans for the future?

Stay tuned.....



Copyright O.P.W.  All rights reserved.

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