Re: Indians and salmon (in 4 clicks)

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Date: 05 Mar 1998
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>>I'm trying to find stuff about Native Americain Salmon fishing and all you have is stuff on resorts!<<

We list every site that cares to drop in. If it's a lure manufacturer or resort operator catering to fisherman they are of interest to us.

> Some people are doing research on your pages!

I realize this as I have been diligently working on seperators in the new engine and from the thank you mail we get from various K-12 schools.

>>don't you guys have ANYTHING on the Native Americains fishing rights with salmon,or where they stand on the Salmon war issue?

Until we can better control "charlie" our spider, we can't index everything and unless a site mentions it in their description you need to broaden your search. (remember we only list fishing sites, so typing Bass fishing will produce a ton of listings. Typing Bass "and" Georgia will produce only sites with Georgia and Bass mentioned)

>Or are you perjudice against Native Americains too ?< Huh?

>>Sheesh! I don't know why you have so many things against people that are against fishing!

We decided no anti or non fishing posts due to the complete breakdown of the newsgroups. And we do prevent their messages from getting any airtime here. As you may notice this response is within 2 1/2 hours.

On to your question regarding Salmon and Indians. I got your info with a search for Washington on the fishfinder engine, then clicked through on the link for NW fishing then clicked from their site to the Washinton State Wildlife site. Performed a search for Indians and Salmon. Up popped 30 articles.


Then I invited the government webmaster to come and list his site. These guy's don't always do this.

It's a matter of knowing what to search for. I knew the salmon war was in the N. West I could remember what states but took a guess with Washington. Thereafter it was matter of poking around in the N.W. Fishing site for his local links. If this failed I would then come back here and type Canada or Alsaska. Either way I would have gotten the info. I spent 10 minutes on the whole thing.

Good luck in your search and feel free to ask again.