From: flatback@bhip.infi.net
Date: 07 Mar 1998
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Brian, I am a fishing guide in Florida. I pro-staff for G.Loomis rods and I use a number of baitcasters, including Shimano Calcuttas. You didn't mention the weight of the lures or line you will be using. The Calcutta 50 has a very smooth drag, a must, but handles line only to 8lb. test and only gives you about 100-120 yds. If you fish for big fish (muskie) or fish around structure, I would suggest the Calcutta 250, if you are sold on Shimano. Ambassadeur makes the 5500 C3 at less than half the price, is very durable, and has similar weight and line capacity. I've had some for 10-15 yrs. and they are tough, easy to service,and have readily available parts. For the money, it's hard to beat. Shimano makes the new Corsair 300 to compete with the 5500 C for about the same price. It also has a slick drag, but somewhat heavier than the others. As for the rods. St. Croix makes a fine product. G. Loomis, in my opinion is el primo, when talking about quality, strength, light weight, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Loomis offers 3 rods specifically for muskie, in their GL2 series. You may get a G. Loomis catelog by dialing 1-800-GLOOMIS. Tell them Capt.Ray Markham of Terra Ceia, Fl. told you to call. They will take care of you and answer any other questions that you may have. Personally, for accuracy and sheer power I would opt for a 6 1/2 ft. rod, or for distance, a 7 footer. Hope that helped. Tight lines to ya!