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From: flatback@bhip.infi.net
Date: 11 Mar 1998
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KP, you didn,t say how young your kid is. Here are some tips from past experience, on teaching kids fishing. 1.) Kids have a short attention span, 45 minutes to an hour. Your fishing trips should be short, to keep your child's interest up. Don't go out with large shiners hoping to catch big fish. Kids don't care whether it is a bass or a bream. All they want is for something to stretch their line and pull. So, use somewhat smaller hooks and maybe small Missouri minnows, (if native to your area). A # 4 or #6 hook could catch a bass, bluegill, or crappie. Don't limit yourself to bass. Make sure your tackle is geared small enough for a youngster to handle. By that I mean don't give a four year old a 7' baitcasting rod and expect them to be able to use it. A small spincasting rod, maybe 4' long would suffice for a child. It would be light weight, and simple enough to learn to cast without worring about backlashing or other problems. Hope this helps. Tight Lines......take a kid fishin'! Capt. Ray