From: Ski@4bass.com
Date: 14 Mar 1998
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My partner and I were fishing lake Fontana in North Western, North Carolina for smallmouth it was a slow morning we had caught 3 fish on a slider rigs and had not caught a fish in the last 2 hours.

At this time he sheepishly broke out a pack of banjo lures he bought off TV, well I preceded to bust his chops while he tied it on. I was really enjoying him squirming under my barrage of insults and ribbing of him being the biggest sucker on the lake.

On his 3rd cast he caught a little 8" smallmouth, well I still made a couple small fish jokes but was less reluctant to really nail him as it had been 2 hours since we caught a fish and small fish are better than no fish. In the next hour he caught and released 10 fish from 1lb to 4lb and several smaller ones. By this time he was busting on me and I had to bribe him with a steak dinner to get one of his Banjo Lures.

Having said all that I am still not a big believer in miracle lures, although the banjo is now in my tackle box its not the end all to lures. Like every other lure I own it has its time and place and sometimes is outstanding and at others is useless if used at the wrong time and place.

So I would suggest you buy some and try them at different times and places, I would also suggest you buy many lures and try them. Fishing know how comes from experience on the water and study of your game fish. This is what makes fishing fun, when you find that right combo of lure and presentation coupled with fish and catching... I'm ready to GO...

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