Re: Sarasota Fla. Report 3/20/98

From: Capt.Ray Markham
Date: 20 Mar 1998
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Capt. Bob, I guide north of you from Port Manatee to New Pass. In fact, I think I saw you at New Pass Bait Shop this week. Re: your double pompano rig. Last year I was doing some fishing near the Bunces Pass bridge, near Mullet key and saw some Vietnamese using what looked like an oversized Sabiki Rig for pompano and catching 2 or 3 on a regular basis at one time. They were verticle jigging. Thought you might like to know. Until the last two days, fishing up here in the Terra Ceia area has been pretty decent. Lots of trout, both spotted and silvers. The specs have been running big here too. Like you said, the reds and snook have been scattered here too. Caught some snook in Buttonwood Harbor Monday on MirrOlures new 94M (Top Dog). Reds seem to be lying up in the shallows sunning themselves in the "roll Moss". After today's 8" of rain the fish will probably go on their "hide n seek" mission again. Good luck finding them. Capt. Ray Markham flatback@bhip.infi.net