Hudson River Stripers are in

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Date: 21 Mar 1998
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It's official, they are up as far as Peekskill.

I went last night to the Senesqua road "tracks". We caught and released 6 striped bass and a few large catfish in just under 4 1/2 hours. The stripers were 17-22 inches. Missed a bunch big bites as well. The cats were 10+ lbs. each. (big and ugly).

Bait stealing perch were thankfully missing from the scene.

We used bloods (Herring didn't work) and most fish were caught at around 90-125 yards offshore. (Bring your grizzly reel or a surf rod with a large spool for distance). 2 hours after high tide was the hot spot. But at that distance the tides become less of a factor in making or breaking your trip.

The local bait shop had a pic of a respectable 20 pounder caught on 3/20 near Senesqua road with herring chunk.


Grizzly reels: http://www.thefishfinder.com/opwbooks/pindex.htm