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Date: 27 Mar 1998
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One thing you may want to keep in mind is that fish are individuals and behavior can vary, widely from species to geographical area and even within a particular body of water. And while moon phase does have a direct impact on fish behavior it is not the overriding factor. It is a accumulation of several factors that determines the fish bite .

I am by nature a bass fan so most of the following information, I'm about to write about pertains to bass, but all fish are affected by the moon and sun.

So ok, it's not the magic bullet, but understanding how the moon and sun affect bass is one of several pieces of info you need to effectively find and pattern bass. The bass fisherman who understands and put this to use definitely has an advantage.

Most bass anglers who seem to have a knack for always catching at least some fish have a firm understanding of how these forces affect bass and how they affect there day to day life including the spawning cycle not only of the fish themselves, but also on the entire food chain.

As a good starting point, I usually follow these rules, during full and new moons. Crawfish will be hatching, 3 days prior to and 3 days after these moon phases. They are susceptible to there predators during this time. They also change colors rapidly after hatching, orange and red change to light brown, brown to green, then to a darker brown-black (all these colors have a dull almost brown cast).

To be successful vary your color patterns using the mentioned colors during this seven-day period of full or new moon. If you are a live bait fishermen now would be the time to use crayfish!!!

The right combination of base and mix colors can turn a poor day into good and a good day into a great day. As an example using pumpkinseed for a base color and orange as a mix color can trigger a strike quicker than just plain pumpkininseed.

You can learn more about the sun and moon affect on fish by visiting http://www.4bass.com/astrotables.html Rick Taylor's Astro Chart 2000 "The World's Most Accurate Fishing Calendar".

Hope this helps.

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