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From: DMu95921@aol.com
Date: 28 Mar 1998
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Often times when taking a youngster fishing at a local river or stream you may find you can not get out into the stream or river you are fishing without using excessive weight on the line. Here are two tips. 1. If the youngster won't be offended, obtain an empty nip bottle such as you would buy at a package store. Tie the neck of the bottle to your line about 48" above your bait with split shot to keep bait down. Fill this half filled with water and if desired insert a small worm. Let the current or wind take the bait further out. This works well for trout because by filling the nip bottle three quarters filled it allows the bottle to settle deeper into the warter creating less resistance than a standed bobber. In this way it does not spook the fish providing less resistance. 2. Another method is use a penny balloon to carry your bait further out into stream. Good luck DAN