From: DMu95921
Date: 29 Mar 1998
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Enough people have inquired to indicate an interest in this that I shall share with others. What you need. 1. Hooks 2. plastic water color paint brushes purchased at local party store or hobby shop. NOTE: best to pay for a pack of 20 for 99cents. In Boston the paperarama carried them. 3. Fly tieing thread such as Gudebrod. Take plastic bright colored paint brushes and cut or break into 2 and 1/2 inch sections. Attach to hook with thread. 4. Tie completed package 18 inches above your sinker or cripple herring rig then tie a second one about 24 inches up from the first hook. Thats it. Use this on mackeral its very successful. My charter customers in Boston will varify to its success!