Muddy Water Bass Fishing

From: Ski@4bass.com
Date: 05 Apr 1998
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Bass have less visibility in off color and muddy water, spinnerbait are definitely a good choice and work well. I have also found that pitching and flipping for bass in these types of waters can also be effective, I would also add rattles to these types of bait's. I have also caught fish using buzz bait's, noisy top water and rattling crank bait's.

Using a scent attractor on those bait's where it is appropriate also could help give an edge, like on a jig & pig using a pork chunk as my trailer preferably because it will hold sent longer vs. a plastic trailer .

Remember a bass must rely more upon his sense of smell and feeling as oppose to sight under these conditions and just like you and I when you take away our vision sense we rely upon the others more, and can become quite adept at using them.

I can't recall exactly the pro bass fishermen that told me this, but he said that a bass can tell what is coming through the water from the vibrations it's lateral line picks up!!! and I don't doubt it for a minute. Would explain why bass would be slamming one type of spinnerbait and having nothing to do with another similar spinnerbait, the vibration coming from one bait might be closer to the natural forage than another.

As in any type of weather and water condition, some patterns or bait's work better, but I'm always hesitant to say that one way is the only way to go . Because, on any given day again under any circumstances on a particular body of water, you usually can have several dozen patterns that would work. What makes some bass fishermen so consistent in finding and catching fish is that they have numerous patterns that can work under a given condition and then narrow those patterns down to the one that is working for them. If you have only one pattern to rely on in muddy water and it doesn't work.......???????????

I know this can be tough to do when your out fishing and on a pattern that's producing nice fish, but I will experiment under those conditions with other patterns to see if I can produce bass with it as effective as my number one pattern. Some times this experimentation pays off big, some times it doesn't pay at all, but whatever happens I have gain valuable experience that will make me a better angler.

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