From: Banjo player
Date: 06 Apr 1998
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I have used banjo minnows on a chain of small, clearwater lakes in central Texas. They work great at times, especially when the fish are biting (just kidding). I have had most luck using the smaller ones. They do work well. There are drawbacks too. They are a hassle to rig up. Be sure to use your needle nose pliers to clamp the little spiral wires to the hook. You don't necessarily have to use the rubber bands to make them weedless unless you are fishing in heavy cover. I use rubber bands from the orthodontist that people wear on their braces when using the larger hooks. I don't use the weighted hooks. Imitation minnows can be found at many worm bars at the tackle store (usually in the salt water section). I have to use ultra light tackle in order to get any casting distance because they are so light. Like I said, I have best luck with the little ones. I've even cut up the bigger ones to make them smaller. They are good for letting the kids and the wife fish with because you don't have to set the hook, when they hit, they are usually hooked. I like 'em!!!