From: DMu95921@aol.com
Date: 14 Apr 1998
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Next time you shave with a bright disposable razor, remove the plade with pliers. take a soldering iron such as WELD with a pencil point and melt a hole at end of handle and at blade point. If no soldering iron simply drill hole. Take a trible hook tie a three foot piece of 50lb. mono to hook. Run thru blade end up through handle and as mono exits about 8 inches up use a number 3 crimp. Above that slip on a penny bead and above that a #5 colorado spinner blade and above that another penny bead (available at crafts shops) and another number 3 crimp. At tag end tie a 2/0 swivel. Use a worm teaser. This works on stripers and no need for leader when fishing for blues. GOOD Luck!