From: The Musky Madman!
Date: 26 Apr 1998
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Hey Brian! You buy that new combo yet? Just have to put in MY two cents worth. Personally, I must register my vote for the St. Croix products. Their Premire series is a fine line of rods with six models designed specifically for muskies that won't break the bank. Sure, there's only a two year warranty, but I've only encountered two defective rod blanks in my time (one St. Croix and one Quantum) and both gave way on the first hookset. If a lifetime warranty is important, check out the more expensive Legend series. They compete directly with the G. Loomis products, but at a little nicer price! I use the St. Croix PM69H, a 6'9" stick for all my jerkbait work. I stand just under 6' and have no problem working baits properly from a raised casting deck or the bench seat of a smaller craft. As to your choice of reel, I believe an even larger reel is in order. For repetitive casting of heavy (2-6oz.) wooden lures you need the right line. For me it's Cortland Musky Master, the thinnest dacron per pound test available. One hundred yards of the 36# product just fits on a 6000 series Ambassadeur or the 400 series Corsair. I have a pile of Ambassadeurs and they are tough, but if you're buying a new one, expect to have to replace the freespool return spring about every two seasons. Not real expensive, just a pain........ I have found that you really need the diameter of a heavier line to take the punishment handed out by these heavier lures. I cannot recommend any "superline" for this application, for even though they have a high break strength, once it is met or exceeded there is no "leeway". they just snap. I am going to try the 80# Fireline for this in 1998, it has a similar diameter to what I am currently using and may hold up. If you've already made your purchase, I wish you well. If not, I hope this helps. Good Luck and Tight Lines from.............The Musky Madman! http://www.execpc.com/~esox4you