Sarasota Fla. Report 5/5/98

From: Capt. Bob Smith
Date: 05 May 1998
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Sarasota Florida Fishing Report.

By Capt. Bob Smith May 5, 1998 bobsmith@cftnet.com http://www.sarasota-fla-fishing.com

Kingfish have been on the bite all week in forty to sixty feet of water, from eight to fifteen miles offshore! Live bait and trolling artificial baits have both worked with live bait having the edge most but not all of the time. Some of the fish brought into New Pass Bait Shop were more than 40 pounds. Monday was a great day for trolling artificial baits. The kings were taking Bombers trolled on a flat-line with no extra rigging like planers or lead. You can use your light tackle "20 pound test" and have a lot more fun if you need to troll.

Monday, Capt. Paul Torin and his friends caught and released about 20 kings along with some big barracuda on mackerel colored Bomber "A long" lures. They found most of the fish flat-line trolling about a half mile or more off of M-7 and M-6. Over the weekend, the fish were concentrated over the reefs. They were taking live bait free-lined best but it was very hard to fish due to all the boats.

A few blackfin tuna were also taken during the week while fishing for kings. You can find some snapper and grouper on the bottom if a jewfish doesn't grab him on the way up. The permit did not show this week that I know of.

Unfortunately, I did not get more than a few miles offshore all week before one of my customers would turn into Kermit the frog. So we would need to go back and fish the calmer bay or it was just to rough to fish offshore to start with.

When I flat-line a Bomber, I use only a mono leader and no wire. The leader is 80-100 test and I tie the lure on leaving a loop for better lure action. With live bait, I use 40 pound mono leader and a six inches of #6 wire with a 5/0 hook for sardines.

I replace all my Bomber hooks with stronger hooks for kingfish as I do with many other lures when using 20 pound test line or better.

The bay fishing was not much but it was best along the west side from Country Club Shores north to marker "23". We worked all the grass flats for a few trout, bluefish and an occasional short cobia. Even the lady fish were slow.

Enjoy and Protect.