Fishing Report Lake George New York

From: Captain Mike
Date: 01 Jun 1998
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Fishing Report Updated 4-24-98

The ice has gone out early this year on Lake George with water temperatures slowly rising. At this time its 47 - 49 degrees. This temperature stimulates the run of smelt into the many feeder brooks for spawning. Smelt is a main diet source for the lake trout and salmon. During this 10 day spawn the salmon and lake trout gorge themselves on the bounty of schools of smelt. Key spots to fish at this time are at the mouths of these brooks. We all know that fishing can be slow at times but early morning and an hour before dark the smelt seem to head for these brooks for there evening spawn and the salmon and lake trout gather for easy pickings. Our hookup ratio increased at these times.

Fishing with down riggers for the lake trout at about 25 feet worked well off Edmonds brook. Trolling slowly at about mph with a green rainbow speedy shiner was the hot lure this week. With many lure change ups that was the lure that took all the fish. On the surface we pulled planer boards and found that the salmon were hitting on gray ghost streamer flies with a split shot about three feet in front. The rainbow green speedy shiners also took the salmon on the surface.

Fishing Report Updated 5-1-98

As the water temperatures on Lake George hold at between 47 - 48 degrees, the smelt spawn run is coming to its conclusion. Latent signs of smelt are still attracting salmon and lake trout to areas where brooks feed into Lake George. Smith Brook and Edmonds Brook are areas being targeted by anglers looking for those trophy lake trout and schools of land locked salmon. With many boats fishing and each boat using similar techniques to present their bait, trolling using down riggers or planer boards, long lining on the surface or drifting lead core line, the key is in the right lure. We all know how on one day you catch fish on one lure and then no luck the next time you try it. Change up your lures often till you find what they like best. Some times fish hit a lure better on a cloudy or overcast day and hit another lure better on a sunny day.

Trolling with planer boards and down riggers at about 10 - 15 feet is still producing fish. With many lure change ups, speedy shiner green rainbow, light blue and pink rainbow Rapala, and Michigan Stinger copper and blaze orange spoons caught our fish. The Stinger copper and blaze was however the hot lure, giving us double hook ups to its credit. Presentation of your lure is very important. Make sure your speed is giving your lure the proper action. Place the lure in the water and adjust your speed accordingly and you will catch more fish. If you are charting fish and you are not getting any releases change your trolling speed. This will sometimes stimulate a fish to strike.

Fishing Report Updated 5-8-98

As the days move on the surface water temperatures on Lake George rise to 57 degrees. I speak of water temperatures because all fish have a narrow range of preferred temperatures where its various body functions are best coordinated. The lake trout and salmon are in the range of between 42 and 60 degrees with optimum 53 degrees for lake trout and 60 degrees for landlocked Atlantic salmon. As the temperature of Lake George rises the lake trout and salmon seek the depth where temperatures are acceptable to them.

The fish have moved from the brook mouths that feed the lake to their favorite hangouts. Lake trout are being caught off Pilot Knob at 95 feet and off Refuge Island at 150 feet. Michigan Stingers in copper and orange, and a color called monkey puke caught our fish. The salmon are running at 20 to 30 feet down and I have seen a few rolling on the surface. The purple jr. thunder stick and dodger with gray ghost streamer fly are still producing and all the salmon are keepers. The salmon are percentage wise much larger this year then last. The smelt have spread around the lake but I found an extremely large school at 125 feet and with them-charted dozens of lake trout. We got a release on each pass. The key is to search till you find groups of fish. The lake trout will be near the bottom possibly at a sudden drop off waiting to ambush bait fish or swimming the flats looking for a feed. The point is the fish are their, just keep moving around and you find them.    Fishing Report - UPDATED 5-15-98    You will notice that in order to remain productive at catching fish you must sometimes change your techniques. As fish move to different parts of the lake they sometimes need to be enticed to striking your lure. Use of attractants such as dodgers or christmas trees will at times make the difference. Increase or decrease of trolling speed is also helpful. Trolling at about 2 mph for salmon surprisingly increased our release and hook ups for lake trout. Try not to think that your presentation of your lures on one day will work each time you go out. It sometimes takes a little effort to find what works. Getting fish to bite your lure is one thing and keeping them on your line is another. With salmon it seems that any slack line you give them as your playing them gives them the opportunity they need to spit the hook. A suggestion is to keep on reeling slowly and keep your rod tip up at 10 o'clock. Many releases are lost to the improper handling of the fish once it is hooked.

Lake trout and salmon were being caught off Tongue Mountain and Flora Island to Crown Island and also off Refuge Island to Watch Point. Most fish caught were suspended with lake trout being at 20 to 60 feet and salmon from the surface to 25 feet down. The lures that caught our fish were Flash king in orange and brass and in watermelon rainbow, Rapalas in black to silver, Mooselook Wobblers in dull tan orange with black spots. The hot lure this week however was the orange and brass Flash king. Many lure change ups were made and is key to success in hooking up.

Fishing Report - UPDATED 5-22-98    Lake George surface water temperatures rise to 67 -68 degrees and with this we find that fish were hitting on or near the surface and down to 10 feet. The air temperatures went to the 80"s.  The Lake Trout and salmon fishing are good in Northwest Bay off Tongue Mt to Crown Island. We trolled slowly at about to 1 mph and fished with planer boards on the surface and down riggers at the depths we charted fish at and found that the fish we were catching were all up near the surface. As usual we made our numerous lure change ups and the lures that caught our fish were Michigan Stinger in orange and copper, Flash king in orange and brass, Rapalas in black to silver, and Mooslook Wobbler in tan orange with black spots.

We as fishermen are constantly learning from our experiences as we fish and from the experiences of other fishermen. Little things like a dull hook could reduce your hook up ratio when you get a release. I mention this because we all have had our times when a fish hit our lure but while trying to set the hook we lost it. So keep your hooks sharp. I keep a record of all the lake trout and salmon we catch for the cooperative anglers of New York and with this record the water temperature, time of day, water condition, weather conditions, lure used, and location fish was caught. Also record if any fins are cut and weather it was creel or released. I feel that you can then have a guide to look at to see which lures worked at certain times of year and under which weather conditions. Places you caught your fish and water temperatures when fish were there. This could be helpful for your future fishing trips. 

I speak of ways of being more successful while fishing because we are all out there for the sport of catching fish. Sure the fun is in the catching. But I also believe in the selective harvesting of fish. Catch and release is so important especially for the avid fisherman who is out fishing often. I'm not saying you shouldn't take home fish for a meal but lets help make fishing last forever and practice catch and release. This will help guarantee fishing for future generations to come.

Lake George is one of the north countries finest grand slam fishing hot spots in the northeast. With breathtaking views and pristine waters, you will experience some of the most exciting sport fishing you will encounter anywhere. Beautiful Lake George is 35 miles long and runs through the northeast section of the Adirondack Park. With over 300 islands the lake runs to depths of 190 feet.

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