Date: 02 Jun 1998
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B-Fast's "JANET B" and "HALEY-ELIZABETH" fished on top of the Bank this past weekend. The Dave Gaw charter, Springfield, MA, loaded the "JANET B" with cod to 20# using jigs and rubber teasers from one of Capt. Al's honey holes. Davy, a long time client, said this was his best Stellwagen trip of his past ten. Frank Meissner, East Nassau, NY, experienced this non-stop, up-down cod jigging. His group imported close to 200# of cod filets to New York. We anticipate this fishing to continue through June.

Boston Harbor striper fishing is red hot! Mike Chambers and Ed Kelly of Orvis Boston, fished on Satruday, May 30th. From dawn to about 9:30 am, they cast to bass slurping silversides and herring. 7-9 wgt. outfits employing 300-400 grain Orvis Depth-Charge line tied to chartruese Half& Half's produced continuous action on stripers between 18 and 27". Jim Adler, Brookline MA, had another excellent trip on Sunday. After wearing out his casting arm with the fly rod, Jim switched to a 6# ultra-light spinning outfit casting a 4 in. Fin-S rubber bait. This rig proves to be very effective on keeper sized bass as the 1/2 oz. head gets the bait below the more aggressive smaller fish. http://www.spav.com/progc/bfast/

Capt. Mike