Lake George New York Weekly Fishing Reports

From: Captain Michael Mollica
Date: 04 Jul 1998
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Fishing Report Updated 6-13-98

Surface water temperatures are holding in the low 60's on Lake George. It seems the lake trout have found that optimum water temperature of 53 degrees at about 80 feet. The lake trout this week seem to be on the hunt for food at this depth giving anglers catches of some 7 and 10 pound fish. Pilot Knob is the hot spot this week with both salmon and lake trout. Salmon are running 20-30 feet down and lake trout on the bottom with some at suspended depths.

Fish activity is up this week with the number of catches increasing. Hopefully we understand the importance of selective harvesting and take part in catch and release. Take only what you eat and remember the fun is in the catching not the keeping. Lures of choice are Flatfish in light blue rainbow behind half brass and silver trees. Moose look wobbler in orange with black spots. Moose look wobbler in tan with black spots. Flash king in orange and brass. Green ghost streamer flies. Remember the speed you troll will effect the presentation of these lures..

Report 6-20-98

Rain. This week weather has been constant rain often heavy at times. This slowed interest in many to enjoy the great fishing that Lake George has to offer. Bass season opens Saturday June 20. On this opening day starts the bass fishing tournament which runs for two days and is based out of Hague. I will give details as to the outcome of the tournament in next weeks fishing report. Fishing lake trout is excellent along the flats in 80 feet of water. Slow trolling is key. Salmon seem to be most active at 15-30 feet.

It is important to know the water temperature and the depth of that temperature. Lake trout optimum temperature is 53 degrees and salmon is 60 degrees. Fish have a fairly narrow range of preferred temperatures where its various body functions are best coordinated. Fishing in this temperature range will improve you fishing experience. Checking water temperatures. Water temperatures from the surface on down can't be guessed at. If the surface temperature is 62 degrees it is hard to just take a guess at which depth it would be 53 degrees. You don't need expensive temperature sensing equipment to find this information. Most bait shops sell water thermometers which cost under $10 .You tie them to a line and drop them down and they fill up with water under the pressure of the depth they are dropped to and give the temperature at that depth. They are very accurate. You must keep them down for 30 seconds at the depth you are checking and they will give you a reading of temperature on one side and depth on the other side.

Report 6-27-98

Surface water temperature on Lake George rises to 77 degrees. As the fishing season moves on, the lake trout are putting on the pounds. Some 7-10 pound lake trout are being caught off pilot knob in 80 feet of water on the bottom. Slow trolling with quickfish in blue + silver + red are hot lures. These are similar to flatfish. Other lures taking fish are rainbow rapalas and flatfish in light blue rainbow. All of these lures are set behind jewelry such as the jo-jo attractor or flashing trees in brass and silver , or blue and brass. With the water temperatures rising the setup of the thermal cline has slowed the salmon fishing. The salmon take time to make depth change adjustments to get into their optimum feeding temperature. Smallmouth bass season has opened with an abundance of bass on the chart recorder. Live bait such as crayfish, shiners, or worms will always produce for small mouths. Artificial bait when presented properly is lots of fun and also works well.

Lake George is one of the north countries finest grand slam fishing hot spots in the northeast. With breathtaking views and pristine waters, you will experience some of the most exciting sport fishing you will encounter anywhere. Beautiful Lake George is 35 miles long and runs through the northeast section of the Adirondack Park. With over 300 islands the lake runs to depths of 190 feet. 

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