Lake George New York Weekly Fishing Reports

From: Captain Michael Mollica
Date: 14 Jul 1998
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Lake George, New York

Fishing Reports Report 7-4-98

For those who have been following the weekly fishing updates and saw the delay in this weeks update I apologize. My computer monitor died and I was unable to do anything till I received its replacement. Thank you for your understanding.

Lake George this weekend has been busy with boat traffic. Water surface temperatures have gone to 73 degrees. Small mouth bass are in abundance on Lake George. Charting schools south of Speaker Heck Island in 30-35 feet of water. I fished with two gentlemen from Japan, a father and his son who wanted to target small mouth with artificial lures. As they fished they were persistent on trying to catch fish by using the same color lure without change. I suggested to them that they try some other color or try another type lure I received no response. After about an hour I decided to tie on a Berkley power bait artificial worm with a split shot up 18" and wind drift it in a rod holder. About two minutes past and I pulled in a 16 " small mouth. I then dropped down the same setup and within a few minutes pulled up another small mouth about the same size. After seeing this the boys father cut off his lure and tied on a plastic worm. If you don't catch fish after giving a lure a good chance at catching some, change it. While fishing for the small mouth using lures it is important to change up till you find what they like that day.

Lake trout are still being caught off Pilot Knob along the flats. Amazingly while trying for the ones being charted on the bottom I started picking up the lake trout suspended down at about 35-40 feet. Northwest Bay off Tongue Mountain is also producing fish. Michigan Stingers in copper and orange, Quick fish in blue-red-silver, Flatfish in solid blue were the lures of choice. All were set behind flashing trees trolled slowly from to 1 mph

Lake George, New York

Fishing Reports

Report 7-11-98

Lake George this week is exceptional. As surface water temperatures hold at 72-75 degrees, the fishing is worth the time spent. With catches of some lake trout weighing 8, 11 and 17 pounds. Pilot Knob along the flats is being heavily targeted by anglers geared up for the deep water trolling of these prize catches. Off Three Brothers Islands and south west of Dome Island in 100 feet of water is the area the 17 lb lake trout was taken. Mooselook wobbler in blaze orange with black spots has taken both lake trout and salmon. (The black spots can but put on with indelible ink magic marker cause the lure is sold solid blaze orange only). The 17 pounder was taken on a live minnow behind a dodger trolled at 100 feet. Slow is key.

As the lake trout continue to feed on the abundance of food sources available they are putting on the pounds in the catches we are seeing. With fish of all sizes being caught these trophies are among the ranks for the lucky angler. This is what makes Lake George one of the north countries finest fishing hot spots in the northeast.

Smallmouth bass are in great abundance on Lake George. Stay in 30 foot depths to minimize targeting rock bass. Berkley power bait plastic worms Carolina rigged wind drifted on the bottom has surpassed the live bait we used. (crayfish- shiners-worms) this may surprise you but it's true. The smallmouth bass seem to like those blaze orange with black spot mooselook wobblers we been trolling with while targeting salmon. (If you like casting try one it might surprise you).

Lake George is one of the north countries finest grand slam fishing hot spots in the northeast. With breathtaking views and pristine waters, you will experience some of the most exciting sport fishing you will encounter anywhere. Beautiful Lake George is 35 miles long and runs through the northeast section of the Adirondack Park. With over 300 islands the lake runs to depths of 190 feet.  

We are now booking trips for the 1998 season so if you like visit our web site or email us for information…Captain Mike      FISHING REPORT PROVIDED BY:   Mike's Charter Fishing      

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