Lake George New York Weekly Fishing Reports

From: Captain Michael Mollica
Date: 31 Jul 1998
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LAKE GEORGE  FISHING REPORT     Fishing Report 7-25-98     With Lake George surface water temperatures remaining 73-78 degrees fish are still being charted in abundance. It can sometimes become frustrating seeing the quantity of fish below and having the patience of a good fisherman. At times we see a release in five minutes and at times the wait can be hours. This is fishing. On a charter this week we set out with a group of four and targeted the Atlantic landlocked salmon. We set our downriggers at depths from 20 to 60 feet and within five minutes got our first release. Quick to the rod the hook was set and the battle begun. We knew it was a fish of size and it was confirmed when it surfaced. A nice size salmon about 5 pounds slapping and jumping on the surface, then suddenly the line broke. As we watched, the salmon continued to slap on the surface. With seven other rods rigged and set at 20 to 60 feet we trolled slowly away with the salmon still slapping on the surface. A decision to sacrifice a chance of tangling all our lines I turned the boat 180 degrees and hoped the salmon would stay on the surface. We watched in disbelief as the salmon continued to slap on the surface and with that approached and netted it. The landlocked salmon still with the blaze orange mooslook wobbler in its mouth had tied itself up in the line then broke it. The line wrapped around it prevented it from swimming. This capped the trip with an unforgettable memory of a nice catch for Scott the lucky angler. George Michael Moyer we will be looking forward to fishing with you again during the smelt spawn in May of 1999.  The flats to Pilot knob are still producing fish. Tongue Mountain to the south and Dome Island to the south and east, are the spots being targeted by anglers for lake trout and salmon. Lures of choice are gray ghost streamer flies behind a dodger or those blaze orange mooselook wobblers with black spots.

Small mouth bass can be found in numerous areas on Lake George. Target the areas near and around the various Islands, and points of the bays. Use of a fish finder is a must. Move around till you chart schools of fish. If their not biting move to another area. Sometimes the first areas we hit the fish are plentiful and biting, and other times we move to a few areas till we find the hungry ones. Berkley power bait plastic worms are working well. Crayfish, shiners, and worms are excellent 

Lake George is one of the north countries finest grand slam fishing hot spots in the northeast. With breathtaking views and pristine waters, you will experience some of the most exciting sport fishing you will encounter anywhere. Beautiful Lake George is 35 miles long and runs through the northeast section of the Adirondack Park. With over 300 islands the lake runs to depths of 190 feet.

We are now booking trips for the 1998 season so if you like visit our web site or email us for information…Captain Mike      FISHING REPORT PROVIDED BY:  Mike's Charter Fishing     

FISHING REPORT PROVIDED BY:  Mike's Charter Fishing  Captain Michael Mollica  Fishing on Lake George for Lake Trout, Salmon,  Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass.  Fully  equipped, all bait and tackle supplied.  PHONE:     toll free 1-877-2FISHIN e-mail:       mcmcharter@aol.com  web site:    http://members.aol.com/mcmcharter/index.html