Sarasota Fla. Report 8/2/98

From: Capt. Bob Smith
Date: 03 Aug 1998
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Sarasota Florida Fishing Report.

By Capt. Bob Smith August 2, 1998

Overall we had a good week but we had to work for our fish. There were a few dead spots probably due to the calm weather and high pressure. There was plenty of barracuda on the "M" reefs but the kingfish were harder to get. The kingfish were still concentrated about a half mile west of "M" 7 and were very cautious because of the very clear water. I had to go to an Albright to attach the #6 steel wire to the 40# mono instead of a swivel. I also changed to an Eagle Claw 318-N short shank 5/0 live bait hook. The kings averaged 20 pounds.

Large live bait was also hard to get! The big baits were on the bottom and very hard to see on the recorder but they were in the same place we got the kings. We had to bounce the gold hooks along the bottom until we hit a school of whitebait or sardines while putting up with a lot of blue runners and grunts in between. Later in the morning, we were able to find some large schools of thread herring on the surface about two miles west of "7".

Thursday we got a bonus when we received a call from another boat fishing not far from us. He had found a floating log with a school of dolphin under it. Finding dolphin 15 miles offshore is unusual for Sarasota so we jumped on it. There was a school of chicken dolphin and a school of 4-5 pounders under the log. Dolphin will eat most everything when schooling, so we threw everything we had at them. Small grunts, big greenbacks, sardines and pompano jigs and it all worked. We had all we wanted in a half hour and it was time to head in, so we left them biting.

Pompano had some really good runs on the bay around Big Pass and some of the grass flats. At times they bit well on untipped jigs. A few trout were also caught at the same time. The live shrimp are still very small but will work well for tipping a jig. The frozen shrimp that I have seen around is not worth your time. It is more like chum. Snook and redfish are being caught but this is the time of year to fish in the early morning or at night. It is also the time of year to lighten up your leader material, hooks and all terminal tackle due to the clear water and calm weather.

Enjoy and protect.