Lake George New York Fishing Report Update

From: Captain Michael Mollica
Date: 27 Aug 1998
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Report 8-1-98

With surface water temperatures still holding high in the 70"s on Lake George, the fishing is excellent. Well we all have those days when fishing is just great and this week that's just how it was. While fishing for the Atlantic landlocked salmon with two avid female anglers from Lancaster Pennsylvania the hoots and howls could be heard across the lake. The action was hot and after each catch the fish slap handshake was given (The fish slap handshake is gently and quickly slapping the others forearm with the tips of your fingers…. very cute when done correctly, kind of like a tail slap of a fish). As you can tell there was lots of excitement from the action of the day. During the three charters on Saturday 26 fish were boated, keep in mind we do believe in catch and release, and only six were creel and the rest released. During the week on many occasions we had double hookups which made for even more excitement.

The salmon fishing along the flats along Pilot Knob from 80 feet to 150 feet is where all the action took place. The fish were down from 30 to 60 feet and most of our catches were 45 to 60 feet. Speedy shiner in copper and orange Flash kings in orange and brass and those HOT mooselook wobblers in blaze orange with black spots caught our fish. Dodgers with flies or dodgers with live bait were also taking fish.

Lake trout also were found suspended at 60 feet down to 115 and taken with flatfish behind a tree. The action for all this week was great with many happy anglers enjoying the great Sport Fishing Lake George has to offer.

Small mouth bass fishing on Lake George is always fun just keep moving around till you find the hungry ones. We sometimes find many fish on the chart but often move till we find the areas were we pick fish every few minutes. Live bait works well but will catch pan fish like perch crappies bluegill and rock bass. Use Berkley power bait plastic worms and you will target more small mouth and large mouth bass. I Carolina rig them about 3 feet behind a bullet slip sinker with a number 10 hook; it's deadly when wind drifted on the bottom.. Report 8-15-98

Lake George's surface water temperature is still holding 74-78 degrees. Fishing is good with lake trout and salmon being found west of Dome Island and south to Pilot knob. Charting salmon at 50-80 feet and lake trout at 60-150 feet. Lures of the week were Flash King brass and orange, Mooselook Wobbler orange with black spots. There are different techniques used to take fish when they go deep. Use of down riggers, lead core line, jerking copper allow anglers to put their bait or lure where the fish are. Whichever technique you use presentation of your lure is the key. Size of your line will affect your productivity of hookups. Try 6 or 8 pound test line. If your using a spoon tune it for better action by slightly bending it near the head and then place it in the water and see its action. Patience is a must, and the reward is in the release and hookup of a lake trout or salmon. Rod handling will determine what actually comes in the boat. Keep your tip up and don't pump the rod keep pressure on the fish and don't horse it, take your time. Any slack line given to a salmon and they will get off however to much pressure and you will rip their mouth. So play them calmly and enjoy the moment that's what fishing is all about. We are now booking trips for the 1998 season so if you like visit our web site or email us for information…Captain Mike  FISHING REPORT PROVIDED BY: Mike's Charter Fishing Captain Michael Mollica Fishing on Lake George for Lake Trout, Salmon, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass.  Fully equipped, all bait and tackle supplies. PHONE:     518-623-3391  e-mail:     mcmcharter@aol.com web site:  http://members.aol.com/mcmcharter/index.html