Lake George New York Fishing Report Update

From: Captain Michael Mollica
Date: 18 Sep 1998
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Report 8-22-98

With summer rolling by the fishing on Lake George is still productive. While air temperatures remain steady the water surface temperatures are still holding at 74-76 degrees. Salmon are found suspended at 45-70 feet with most hookups at 50-70 feet. Lake trout are also being caught at 50 -125 feet. Not all lake trout hang on the bottom and we have been picking them up from 70-100 feet while fishing in 120-180 feet of water. Yes we have charted the lake trout on the bottom but chose to target them while targeting the Atlantic landlocked salmon. You might think that the lake trout could only be caught while trolling less then mph. But trolling at 1.8 mph for the salmon has also hooked us up with lake trout. We set our lines out 125 feet behind the ball because the salmon are keen eyed and ball shy. Whereas the lake trout will hit a lure behind a fish attractor like a tree just a few feet behind the downrigger ball. With the abundance of salmon being charted we decided to target them both. Storm Jr. Thundersticks in rainbow with sugar coat and those famous blaze orange Mooslook Wobblers with black spots have been the hot lures this week.

Small mouth and large mouth bass fishing on Lake George is fantastic as usual. Those Berkley Power bait plastic worms are just great to catch bass. With a little wind those worms swim slowly and the bass just can't resist. I like them because the smaller panfish are less likely to be caught, as you would find in using live worms. If fishing with very young children I would use those live worms to put all the fish on the hook for them as you can. Young children enjoy anything that moves and it is important to keep their interest in fishing. Patience in fishing is hard for some to develop and most people who dislike fishing have no patience.

Report 8-29-98

Lake George fishing continues to excite and thrill anglers this week. The steady temperatures of the summer air are keeping the surface water temperatures at 74-78 degrees. With this we see the salmon and lake trout dropping in depth. Charting salmon at 60 to 100 feet and lake trout at 80-165 feet. This week on Friday while fishing with a group of four from Long Island we set out at 7am to target Lake George's Atlantic landlocked salmon and lake trout. We set our first line out 100 feet and dropped it down to 70 feet with our down rigger and before we could put our second rod down we had a release. Within minutes we boated the lake trout and released it. We set the rod out again and were able to get two more rods down and got another release. This pattern continued for the first hour and a half with double hookups and six fish caught. All fish were released but one which was a 26 inch lake trout weighing more then 8 pounds. It's impossible to predict when the dinner bell is going to ring, and on this trip the bell was ringing. Frank Saviano and his party of four experienced Lake George fishing at its finest. Fishing was great all week with feeding schedules varying.

Storm Jr. Thunderstick in rainbow sugar coat and that mooselook wobbler orange with black spots are still the hot lures. Jointed Rapalas in black top silver bottom, Streamer files -baby perch behind a dodger, storm jr. thunderstick in black top prism silver sides were also taking fish.

South of Dome Island in 135 feet and east of Dome Island to Refuge Island in 165feet was the area targeted by anglers this week.

Small mouth bass fishing is active, as ever with the abundance of bass it's easy to find schools of fish around the numerous islands and along the shorelines. We fish in 20-40 feet using the wind to drift and cover area. Carolina rig a bullet slip sinker 2 feet up from the hook with a scented Berkley power bait plastic worm, pumpkinseed in color, and have fun. A fish finder is a must..

Report 9-12-98

Lake George fishing seems to be favoring the lake trout over salmon this week with little to no salmon being part of our daily catches. Surface water temperatures on Lake George drop to 70 degrees but we still read 60 degrees down at 90 feet. All fish that we are hooking up are 90 feet and below with most releases at 100-110 feet. The lake trout still seem to feed in spurts with some fish coming in at 24-27 inches weighing 9 pounds. Some days the activity is slow but patience, attitude and persistence will reward you with some enjoyable memories of well earned catches of lake trout. When the hookups are slow coming we change up some lures to see if we can entice some action and find that the blaze orange mooselook wobbler with black spots is the lure that these fish can't resist. Dome Island to the south and east to refuge island is still holding fish and is the area still being targeted by anglers this week. Diamond Island south and along the east shore by Paulist Fathers and west shore off Tea Island we are finding salmon but most are short 11-17 inches.

Smallmouth Bass fishing remains the same with the amount of fish available its hard not to find a hungry bunch almost anywhere you look. Just remember presentation of your lure or bait will determine your success..

Lake George is one of the north countries finest grand slam fishing hot spots in the northeast. With breathtaking views and pristine waters, you will experience some of the most exciting sport fishing you will encounter anywhere. Beautiful Lake George is 35 miles long and runs through the northeast section of the Adirondack Park. With over 300 islands the lake runs to depths of 190 feet.

We are now booking trips for the 1998 season so if you like email us for information…….Captain Mike

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