Want to trade a fly fishing trip?

From: Scott Maxwell
Date: 28 Sep 1998
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Trade a trip for Trout, Steelhead, Salmon, Alaskan Grayling, Salt Water....

Have you ever wished that you could fish world famous trout water, but have not because you dont have the money to pay for a guided trip and don't want to go it on your own and be frustrated because you dont have any idea of where to fish, what flies to use, dont have a drift boat, etc ?.....Have you ever wanted to explore hidden trout streams in the high Rocky Mountains of Colorado or Montana, but dont know which of those blue lines on the map hold trout and where you can get access? I have a web page and would like to (free of charge) hook up anglers with other anglers across the state, country, world, who would be interested in trading a trip. That is, you act as guide and host to another angler on your home water, and he will guide and host you on his home water. I believe that this would be a great way for anglers who cannot afford a guided trip to have a pleasant, successful fishing trip and meet other anglers in the process. If you would like to participate, just contact me by email or through my web at http://www.page.az.net/scud ,with the information on the trip you have to offer, and where you would like to fish. You can name a specific place you want to fish or just take offers. I will post your information on my web page board with the other trip proposals. Please pass the word to make this a success! Thanks, Scott scud@page.az.net

There are many trips available on the board now, both freshwater and saltwater.

http://www.page.az.net/scud I'm not a guide or a shop owner, just trying to promote a good idea to the angling community.