1/20/99 Fishing Report

From: Tarpon Springs to Crystal River, FL.
Date: 19 Jan 1999
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1/20/99 Fishing Report for Tarpon Springs to Crystal River, Fl. By Capt. Dennis Royston


The weather last week was great. Day time highs from 75 to 80 degrees. A light cool front passed through Monday evening bringing about inch of rain. The forecast for this week continues to look good. Mid – 70s on Tuesday and back to 80 by the week end.

Fishing this past week was good. Trout are still the number one target. We still can not believe the numbers of fish we are catching. My boat has been averaging 50 plus Trout per trip. One day we will catch 6 under size fish to 1 keeper. The next day we will land 5 or 6 keepers to 1 short. When I say keepers I am referring to slot regulations for Trout. 15 inches to 24 inches. You may keep 1 fish over 24 inches. Creel limits are 7 fish per day per person from Tarpon springs north through the panhandle. NOTE : Spotted Sea trout season will close for the month of February. Again this will be from the Pasco/ Pinellas county line in Tarpon Spring throughout the north west part of the state. Unlike Redfish and Snook, Trout do not make a good catch and release fish. It is best not to target them at all during the closed season. This is about the only time of year that I fish south of Tarpon Springs. I launch my boat at Anclote Park located at the mouth of the Anclote River. This again is the dividing line between Pasco and Pinellas counties. When fishing for Trout you need to fish to the south of the Anclote channel. If you have Trout in your live well or ice chest do not go north of the Anclote channel or you may be in violation of possessing fish out of season. One further thing I need to mention is that the creel limit from Pinellas county south is 5 fish per angler per day and slot size is 15 to 20 inches with 1 fish over 20 “. For latest laws and information check out the D.E.P. publication FISHING LINES At http:www.dep.state.fl.us/marine .

While shrimp are always a good bait for trout, jigs have been the biggest producers. I use Cotee oz. Jig heads cast down wind from a drifting boat. There are few basic tails. Grub, shad, curl and split tails are a few. They all work. The Shad and Curly tails may be a good choice for the less experienced fisherman. A steady retrieve attract strikes with these baits while a yo-yo type action is generally preferred for the grub tails. For better hook-ups and easier release of unwanted fish, mash the barbs closed with pliers and sharpen hooks with a hook file, Stone or other device. Sharp hooks can not be over emphasized. If there is one lure that will produce more fish more often it will be the jig. Learn to use this little bait and you will add many more fish to your days catch. Good fishin For additional information call (727)863-3204 Capt. Dennis Royston A FULL TIME FISHING GUIDE www.wimi.com/marine/guides/royston