Fishing with Capt. Dennis Royston

From: Tarpon Springs to CrystalRiver, Fl.
Date: 16 Feb 1999
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17/99 Fishing Report for Tarpon Springs to Crystal River, Fl. By Capt. Dennis Royston


Weather this week is cool has been cool and dry as a result of a cold front that passed through west central Florida over last weekend. The forecast for the up-coming weekend. Another cool front is expected to pass through the area Thursday or Friday. Day time temperatures call for highs in the low 70s and dry. A 30% chance of rain as the front moves through. A great time to do anything you want.

20 knot winds and the cold front kept most anglers off the water (me included). Between the cool fronts the fishing should be very good. Look for Pompano and Permit to come off the flats and be close around the power plants where the water will be warmer due to hot water discharge. Cobia that started moving in on the flats will also move into area of the power plants to take advantage of the warmer waters. While drifting the outside of the power plant it is a good idea to put out a drag line behind the boat for these Cobia. Use a 20 lb. outfit with about 50lb. shock leader. A 4/0 hook below a light float. For bait a Pinfish, large shrimp or any other fish that may come to the boat while fishing. Cobia can provide the heave weight battle of the day and they are great on the barbe.

1/8 to oz. jigs cast ahead of a boat drifting boat should be all the bait you need. I like root beer, dull green, white or yellow tails. You may want to tip your jig with a small slice of fresh shrimp. Large Jacks will also be prowling these same waters. Look for the tell tail wakes made by schooling fish. Cast to the edges of the school rather then the middle to prevent spooking the fish.

The warmer water around the power plants will also bring in lots of Trout that are not in season in the month of February. Take your players and mash the barb closed on your jig hooks. This will help in the release of the fish. Please release these fish without bringing in the boat. Hold the line close to the fish and remove the hook with your pliers or other device. Try not to handle the fish while releasing. Never- never use a towel to hold the fish. When you remove the slime The fish will probably die from bacteria . We have fought long and hard to protect these fish and good conservation practices will keep them here for years to come. Good Fishin For more information call (727) 863-3204

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