Fishing Report fromTarpon Springs to Crystal River, Fl.

From: Capt. Dennis Royston
Date: 24 Feb 1999
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2/24/99 Fishing Report for Tarpon Springs to Crystal River, Fl. By Capt. Dennis Royston A FULL TIME FISHING GUIDE

Cool dry and windy conditions this week were the result of last weekend’s cold front. Temperatures were in the low 30s Monday and Tuesday mornings. As we look towards the upcoming weekend things will be getting back to normal. Clear skies, daytime highs in the upper 70s and winds to be down. The cold weather of last week has lowered the water temperature from 69 degrees down to 60 degrees on the flats.

With the cooler water - look for the fish to be in the deeper residential canals, deeper areas of the rivers and in the vicinity of the hot water discharges of the power plants. A bonus around the power plants will be the Cobia that came in with the past worm weather. When Cobia are in a feeding mood they will eat almost anything. Jigs, plugs or live bait will tempt these monsters. Many times while fighting Cobia you will see one or more of his buddies following close behind. Before landing this prize always toss out another bait to tempt his companions. A legal Cobia must be 33” at the fork of the tail. As with any fish, if you do not think it is large enough or you do not intend to keep it please release it with out bringing it into the boat.

While many fish will be concentrated in this worm water – there will also be many anglers in boats or wading. Before entering the area stop and watch the people fishing. Give the waders a wide area and watch the boats to see the direction they are drifting. Idle your boat up-wind and join the group. Try not to cut across the path of drifting boats.

This is the time of year to get all your tackle in shape for the spring season that is just around the corner. Mid-March through mid June is the best time to catch a larger verity and more fish then any other time of the year. Having your gear in good working condition will insure more fun and less disappointment. Put new line on your reels and have the drag washers changed. Check each line guide on your rods. Look for broken or cracked guides. Take a cotton ball and push it through the eyes. If small threads stick to the inside of the ring this indicates scratches that can cause your line fray. You may want to have this eye replaced. DO it NOW – as the season gets into full swing the rod and reel repair folks get back logged. In April and May you might have to wait two weeks or more to get that rod or reel back. It is also the time to purchase your hooks, lures, lines and other tackle you think you may need for the spring. Lots of tackle shops run short of your favorite items if you wait until the last minute. Many fishing trips the successful or failure is determined by how prepared you are when you step into the boat. Good Fishin - For additional information call (727)863-3204 Capt. Dennis Royston A FULL TIME FISHING GUIDE www.wimi.com/marine/guides/royston