From: B-Fast Charters
Date: 04 Apr 1999
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On monday 3/29, Capt. Al guided the Bruce Rich Charter from Green, RI on the JANET B. They found the cod on the eastern edge of Stellwagen in 260 ft. Using jigs and teasers, the group filled the coolers with mostly medium cod, with a few in the 20# class. On Good Friday, 4/2, yours truely, captained the JANET B, with the Wayne Neuls charter from Fairless Hills. Ed Ajamian and friend, were fill-ins on the trip. Capt. Al's "secret spot" again provided all the action. The market cod hammered the jigs. Cortland's "Spectron" high-tech line proved most effective. Wayne's 25# pool-winner took top honors. This trip was Ed Ajamian's personal best. Ed's Bergin County Saltwater Angler's two-day cod fishing safari is scheduled later in the month. Rumor has it that the "Cod Father" Bob Davis, this year's club President, will not be in attendence for the first time in five years. Bob's recent venture into conubial bliss is demanding his presence elsewhere. Personally, this scribe feels his priorities are mixed-up--"Honeydos" over bailing Codfish! On Saturday, 4/3, four of B-Fast's vessels, JANET B, DECISIVE, HALEY-ELIZABETH, and RIDLA, fished the bank. The Dominic Bulone charter, Amityville, NY and the Steve Kaufman's fill-in charter, Marlboro, NJ, on the DECISIVE and RIDLA, found fish on Capt. Scott's spot in 180ft. Both boats had happy crews with coolers full of a mix of cod and pollock and an wolffish. The HALEY-ELIZABETH and JANET B fish to the north in 260 ft. Wayne Neul's 2nd day proved better than the first-more medium and large cod from Al's spot. Personally, this is some of the best fishing that I've seen in twenty years. Wayne,once again, took top honors with a 26# cod. A few fill-ins are available in April and May on specific dates. Once filled, I will be working on some dates for make-up charters. http://www.spav.com/progc/bfast/

Capt. Mike Bartlett bfast@bigfoot.com