From: B-Fast Charters
Date: 14 Apr 1999
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B-Fast's DECISIVE and HALEY-ELIZABETH both had a banner day on Sunday 4/11. Capt. Scott's "make-up" charter consisting of the Arthur O'Hanlon group from Amityville, NY and the Larry Nichols group from Connecticut fished the shoal-water and were into cod and pollock most of the day. Arthur called and Larry emailed to compliment Scott on the great job as captain and relate the fishing experience as "the best cod fishing ever!" The Renny Chan charter started out with only three anglers fishing due to the early morning rough seas. However, Luc Chi Lai rallied by mid-morning to join the fishing trio. He wasn't disappointed either, when on his first drop he tied into "Codzilla". The fish first took drag and when finally wrestled to the boat, tipped the at 40 pounds--our largest cod of the season. We have a few openings for fill-ins on "Make-up" charters from April to June. http://www.spav.com/progc/bfast/

Capt. Mike Bartlett B-Fast Charters bfast@bigfoot.com