Date: 21 Apr 1999
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Sunday 4/18, B-Fast’S JANET B, DECISIVE, HALEY-ELIZABETH, and HACKER fished the shoal-water on top of the bank in 106 ft. of water. The bank was alive with the activity of feeding whales and “blow-ups” on the fish-finder 30 feet up from the bottom indicating schools of sandeels and feeding cod. Again, the jigs and teasers produced the best action. In short order, the Howard Kelly of Seaford Harbor,NY, Dennis West’s 2-boat charter from Cranbury,NJ and the Luke Michael group from Herkimer, NY, went to work filling the boxes with scrod and medium cod. The fish were gourged, bellies bulging with eels and gave evidence to that fact when boated. Dennis’s group decided to pack it in early having filled their quota, however Capt. Scott decided to hit one more spot on the way back to Green Harbor. Kudos to the groups conservation-minded foresight. They were rewarded with a humpback whale show, second-to-none, and a few more cod when Billy Davis’s rod doubled-over. Capt. Scott later commented that he hadn’t seen a rod bend like that in a while. A few minutes later Billy’s 38# pollock came over the rails--B-Fast’s biggest fish of the season. On Monday, 4/19, yours truly, guided the John Johnson group from Wilmington, DE on their first charter to Stellwagen. We tried the deep-water first then moved back to the shoals. A repeat of Sunday’s fishing was the results--happy fisherman with filled coolers heading back to the “Cod Lodge”. John’s trips was a fact-finding mission. As a result, we’ll need to tie-up four of B-Fast’s vessels for the Johnson’s Y2K return. Tuesday, 4/20, Mark Walker of Landing, NJ and the George Pikel/Danny Azzato group from Oakdale, NY fished on the DECISIVE and the JANET B respectively. Danny is our taxidermist from Fish Unlimited Taxidermy who does the great mounts for the shows. Tuesdays trips again brought the same results. Acres of bait, whales, and feeding codfish. We have a couple of dates available for fill-ins and we are working on two mid-week dates in May for "Make-up" charters. http://www.spav.com/progc/bfast/

Capt. Mike Bartlett B-Fast Charters bfast@bigfoot.com