6/16/99   Fishing Report

From: Tarpon Springs to crystal River, Fl.
Date: 16 Jun 1999
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6/16/99 Fishing Report for Tarpon Springs to Crystal River, Fl. by Capt. Dennis Royston


We have been a typical summertime pattern the last couple of weeks. Calm mornings with high humidity. Afternoon sea breeze with thunder storms forming in the afternoons. Again this week rain chances decrease as we get closer to the weekend.

With summertime weather patterns as they are it is always better to get on the water early and come in early. A typical for me would be to start out around 6:00 A.M. shortly before daybreak and plan to come in around 2:00 P.M. before the afternoon storms build.

It is always important to monitor the weather, but the summer months are the most important. Violent can come up fast. Make it a habit to scan the horizon for the build up of storm clouds. If you suspect the storm is heading your way it is time to get off the water, at least until it passes. When lightning is seen in the storms - pay attention - lightning strikes can occur well ahead of the storms and you are the highest object in the area. At most times of the year I like to fish in a light rain. I have had some terrific fishing with an overcast and light rain, however when lightning is near my boat comes in. When I say I come in it may not be the ramp that I left from, it may be the closest ramp, restraint, park or any safe harbor. Pay attention to your stomach - If you get that feeling that you should move - do it now.

Trout - are still doing well on the grass flats. Jigs being the number one bait.

Snook and Pompano are on the gulf beaches. Look for them right on the shoreline.

Redfish - although not totally up to par, do seem to be increasing in numbers. Look for them around any hard bottom - Oysters, shale or lime stone outcroppings.

Good Fishin - for additional information call (727) 863-3204 Capt. Dennis Royston

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