Sarasota Fla. Report 6/26/99

From: Capt. Bob Smith
Date: 26 Jun 1999
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June 26, 1999

Sarasota Florida Fishing Report

By Capt. Bob Smith

Offshore fishing has been very good! Whether you are looking for sport or food, you can find plenty of action in the 40 to 50 foot depths. On the "M" reefs, we have caught kingfish in the 25 to 40-pound range and Spanish mackerel to 8 pounds. We are not having a heavy run of mackerel but a mixed bag of barracudas, little tunny, black tip sharks, kings and Spanish mackerel. We have been free-lining Threadfin herring for most of our fish. Threadfin herring have been plentiful on the reefs. The pilchards we have gotten on the reef are not as strong as the Threadfin but they will work.

There are plenty of mangrove snapper from the bay out into the gulf. The deeper you go the bigger the snapper. M-7 has produced some large yellow-tail snapper. My favorite bait for snapper is large live shrimp. Snapper will eat all baits fished on the bottom; you can also chum them up to eat off the top.

The Three-Mile reef off Longboat pass has had some good permit action using live shrimp and small crabs. Further offshore from 20+ miles and out, you can find dolphin and larger grouper for the most part, but this time of year you never know what you may find. Look for the grass lines and any other floating objects. Your own boat will attract fish.

Tarpon fishing has been OK. Some days they are eating better than others. Therefore, you still need to be prepared to do a lot of hunting and waiting but that's tarpon fishing.

The bay fishing has been active with large trout, jacks and small snapper. You had better take a ruler along if you are going to fish for snapper on the bay.

The most exciting fish for the week were the black tip sharks that were up to eighty pounds and spun like a top above the water when hooked. It was an awesome sight and compounded with high-speed runs, that makes it one of the top game fish in my book.

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