Trophy Walleye Tips & Help

From: Bill Snyder
Date: 02 Jul 1999
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Hi, Let me introduce myself, Bill Snyder, I fish and catch Trophy Walleyes. I've taken 2 over 17 pounds, one is on In-fisherman's top twenty kept walleyes of all time, one was released. If you'd like to talk Trophy Walleyes, just email me and let's see where it goes. If you's like to drop by my place, www.torlm.com click on fishing, then Bill Snyder's. If you need help I mark maps,for trophy walleyes, used to do this for Bill Binkleman (if you remember him)and also make some very limited production walleye baits and lures (I call them tools, unlike anything you have ever see or used for walleye fishing) Anyway email me, stop by my website, or stop by my home, Ripon, WI ......I'm always willing to talk walleye fishing! I fish Winnebago, Big Green, Trout, Tomahawk, many other lakes in Northern Wisconsin ,Eagle Lake (Ont.) and several lakes in MN. If you need help with any of these lakes just drop me a line ! I also fish Muskie on all of these lakes and would help you out with them !