Re: NJ surf Stripped Bass fishing

From: opw1@aol.com
Date: 21 Jul 1999
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Pay attention to the tides. Mid tide (either way) is always good. I usually stay for both incoming mid and outgoing mid tide. You get around 1 1/2 hours of good action on either end. With a 3 hour gap to shoot for whatever swims.

Bait: get to a bait shop and pick up some 3-4 oz weights plus some fishfinders (baitrunners). These are things that attach to the weight and allow the line/hook to run free. Buy whatever bait they are pushing. Herring, eel, bunker.... Set yourself up and toss a cast as far as possible on 20 LB test. Put the bait runner on or open the bail (if the current takes it too much, close it). Don't forget to bring a tube to sink into the sand to hold the rod up and a chair.

If you have 2 rods, grab yourself some 3-4 oz. jiggers Pic below:

jigger.jpg (9792 bytes)

Different colors are great. Right now bass and blues and some fat Albert's (false tuna)   are running together. Blues and Fats up top, bass on the bottom. Anytime you see a pile of birds smacking the water, toss that jigger into them  and reel away. Don't let it hit the bottom, just start reeling. Cast it even if you don't see birds. All of the above love that lure.

Couple of things to remember: Don't give a bass any slack. Stay on him. 20 lb. test will break so set the drag. Watch for birds and tides and any real movement with the line.

Have fun, Long beach is a great place to fish.