7/20/99 Fishing Report - Tarpon Springs to Crystal River, Fl

From: Capt. Dennis Royston
Date: 21 Jul 1999
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7/20/99 Fishing Report for Tarpon Springs to Crystal River, Fl. By Capt. Dennis Royston


Rains last week were mostly inland. Low temperatures around 76 deg. And highs around 92 degs.

Trout - Look for Trout in a little deeper water 4 feet and out. Cast 1/4 to 1/2 oz. Jigs over grass areas. Let the jig drop to the bottom and work in a yo-yo retrieve just tipping the tops of the grass. Grub, Shad or Curly tail bodies all work well. Remember to put that drag line out behind your drifting boat for Cobia, Shark or Tarpon.

Redfish - Reds have been here one day and not the next. Look for these fish to be around hard bottom ( oyster bars or shale areas). The water clarity is somewhat dingy. I believe this is caused by the afternoon thunder storms and an algae build up from all the fresh water. This off colored water has one advantage. It will allow you to approach feeding fish without being seen. Gold spoons that may spook fish in clear water are a good choice in the off collard water. Small top water plugs as well as light 1/8th. jigs are also a good choice.

Snook - Remain catch and release until September 1st. The larger fish will be found on the island beaches. Casting top water plugs at night is a lot of fun this time of year. These fish feed better at night and it is a lot cooler fishing after the sun goes down.

Pompano - There are some good schools of Pompano in the surf on the west side of the island beaches. Idle your boat out from the beach looking in the surf for feeding fish. Cast small yellow jigs ahead of or beside of the moving school. Do not cast into the middle of the school as this will spook the fish and you loose your chance to get these fish to eat again.

Drink plenty of water and watch out for thunderstorms.

Good fishin - For information call (727) 863-3204 Capt. Dennis Royston