Tarpon  Springs  to Crystal River,  Fl.

From: Capt Dennis Royston
Date: 11 Aug 1999
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Tarpon Springs to Crystal River, Fl. By Capt. Dennis Royston


The weather of late has been typical for this time of year, 78 to 80 in the morning and 90 to 93 degrees in the afternoon. Showers can pop up any time throughout the day. The winds have been 10 to 15 knots from late morning on through evening making the time on the water fairly comfortable .

Fishing last week was anything but spectacular. Water temperature was 88 to 92 degrees depending on the time of day and where you were. The live bait we have been cast netting with regularity lately decided to move to parts unknown.

The fish that were in a particular area yesterday were not here today.

What's the problem ? Too hot? -Too dry?- To many thunder storms? - El nino? - La nina? - Global warming or the hole in the O-zone. Dammed if I know. The only thing that I do know is that it has been going on for the last 40 years that I have been fishing. Mid summer has always been unpredictable. If that is the case then why bother even going out? BECAUSE it is still more fun then mowing the lawn, fixing those honey-do's or going to work. Who ever said that a bad day on the water was better then a good day at work was my kind of guy OR gal.

As slow as the fishing was on my last day out there was a bright side. In water less then knee deep we saw pod after pod of Porpoise (Bottle Nose Dolphin) in what appeared to be family groups. They were herding up schools of mullet. The Porpoise would catch 2lb.+ Mullet and pitch them 8 feet or more in the air as if playing with there food before eating it. These same Dolphin would pass back and forth in front of the boat as we idled across the flats. When we stopped the boat these same creatures would circle around and under the boat to get there pictures taken by folks that don't get a chance to see Dolphin in Ohio.

Later the same day we had the privilege of seeing a Osprey (fish eagle)dive into a school of Mullet and catch a fish with it's talons. The Osprey came out of the water almost straight up - 50 feet and stopped in mid air to shake the water from it's feathers and point the fish head first into the wind to make it more streamlined for flight. As the Osprey started fly to it's perch or nest we saw a Bald Eagle that was soaring a 150 to 200 feet above fold it's wings and fall in the shape of a bowling pin. The Eagle dove down and hit the Osprey from behind. The Osprey , out of shock, dropped thefish. After hitting the Osprey the Eagle continued past the bird and caught the falling mullet in mid-air. The two birds of prey flew off in different directions, no worse for where.

Add to the above - a number of Sting Rays and Bonnet Sharks we saw cruising the shallow clear waters and we know why we are out here on a hot summer day rather then mowing the lawn or fixing honey do's.

QUOTE: 1) If your to busy to go fishin - your just to busy. 2)Get out and go fishin - cause it's gooood feeeer ya.

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