Sarasota Fla. Report 8/14/99

From: Capt. Bob Smith
Date: 14 Aug 1999
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August 14, 1999

Sarasota Fla. Fishing Report

By Capt. Bob Smith

If you read last week's report, you will find things have not changed that much. This week is almost a carbon copy except for the weather. We had more rain and choppy seas all do to unstable weather conditions. A few anglers got seasick. The Spanish mackerel and little tunny are still on the bite at the "M" reefs in 40 feet of water. The catch is that you need to net your own bait before leaving the bay to do well with the Spanish mackerel. The pilchards are in the passes and just big enough to use a castnet on. If you don't need the Spanish mackerel, you can still find plenty of action on the "M" reefs using the larger bait (herring) that you can catch with a gold hook rig on the way out. Little tunny, barracuda, jacks and some large sharks have been feeding as fast as you can get your bait in the water. Only an occasional shark, but we did see a 9' hammer head! You need to drift over the reef and free-line your bait out. Close will not work! I have been jumping from "M1" to "M5" for most of my action.

Permits up to 30 pounds have also been caught on the "M" reefs. You will need to use large live shrimp or small crabs for them. Do not use a steel leader, a 40-pound mono leader works better. Cobia have also been caught but they do not stick around the reefs very long.

I have seen some good catches of seatrout come in from the north end of the bay using live pigfish and fished on a float. An occasional pompano, bluefish, mackerel, snapper, redfish and flounder has been found in some of the day's catch. Live shrimp or pilchards will work. The fish are on the bay but you need to work at it.

You can usually find a school of tarpon rolling on the in coming tide around the New Pass Bridge fender during mid-morning. It is very hard to get them to eat at this time of day however, they are nice to watch and cast to.

Enjoy and Protect