Florida's Gulf Coast Fishing

From: Tarpon Springs toCrystal River, Fl.
Date: 01 Sep 1999
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9/1/99 Fishing Report for Tarpon Springs to Crystal River, Fl. By Capt. Dennis Royston


Hurricane Dennis had no effect on Florida's West Coast. Light sea breezes have made fishing comfortable this past week. Forecasts for the up-coming holiday weekend looks good.

This is a date I have been waiting for, September 1st. We will start looking for the cool fronts to move farther and farther south until they reach central Florida. We still have another four to six weeks before entering our fall pattern. The fish seem to know that we are heading into fall as well. This summer anglers have experienced below normal fishing activity.

Action on the flats is picking up. Trout have been providing a little better action on the inshore flats this past week. Water temperatures still remain up around 88 degrees. As the days get shorter these temperatures will start to drop. As this happens the fishing will improve considerably.

As the weekend approaches we will have low tides from mid-morning to early afternoon. This is a good time to work your way into the shallow flats and look for fish moving out with the tide. Look for the tide channels that the fish will follow as the tide falls. If you can find an area where two or more channels come together this is a good place to anchor and cast live bait (pilchards, Small Pinfish or shrimp). Work your bait ether free lined or with a small float about a foot to 18 inches above your bait. Casting light jigs or Slugo type baits will work as well. Anchor your boat a long cast from small channels and keep your noise level as low as possible. These fish are spooky as they move out with the falling water. Redfish, Snook and Trout will all follow these channel highways to deeper water.

As the Tide turns to an incoming, work your way into the back country and cast shallow running plugs or spoons around points, Mangrove and Saw Grass shore lines. Keep a look out for schools of bait or Mullet. Redfish often follow the Mullet to pick up shrimp or other small creatures the Mullet scare up as they pass. The anglers that are constantly watching for the movements of fish will usually be the lucky ones at the end of the day. Good Fishin - for additional information call (727)863-3204 Capt. Dennis Royston A FULL TIME FISHING GUIDE www.wimi.com/marine/guides/royston