Florida's Gulf Coast Fishing

From: tarpon Springs to Crystal River, Fl.
Date: 08 Sep 1999
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9/8/99 Fishing Report for Tarpon Springs to Crystal River, Fl. By Capt. Dennis Royston


Afternoon inland thunder storms of last week have become early morning coastal boomers with a lot of lighting. Some areas have recorded up to 8" of rain the last two days. It appears that things will improve by the weekend.

Fishing last week was fair at best. Trout were the most cooperative. Jigs again did better then live bait. I believe this is the result of being able to cover more area then can be done with most live bait. There seemed to be no preference for color. We used white curly tails, root beer grubs, chartreuse shad tails and 6" plastic worms attached to 1/4 ounce jig heads and they all caught fish. Our best catches came from 4' to 8' depths.

Snook and Redfish are eating live Pilchards if you have a lot of patients. The water temperature in the shallow back country is still hot (92degrees) . I often wander if fish sweat.

Many of us are hoping that the recent rains will lower the water temperature to the point where the fish will be more willing to eat. Good fishin - For more information call (727) 863-3204

Capt. Dennis Royston

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