Kona Hawaii fishing report

From: Capt. Jeff
Date: 13 Sep 1999
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Kona Hawaii fishing report: 9/14/99

The summer season is over but what an awesome season it was. In fact, it's been a good YEAR for Pacific Blue Marlin here. So far, there's been 2 Blues over 1000 lbs. 2 over 900 lbs. 3 over 800 lbs. 8 over 700 lbs. 12 over 600 lbs. 30 over 500 lbs. and more than 50 400+ pounders. That's not even counting the many big fish that were released so far this year. The Marlin bite has slowed down a bit this month but there's still several coming in every day. Big ones (400+) about every other day. Pacific Blue Marlin are the most common catch right now. The Yellowfin tuna bite has slowed greatly with only a handful coming in per week but if it's tuna you're after, the Otado bite is still pretty good and the nighttime fishermen are catching Albacore. Other mid size fish like Mahi Mahi, Ono and Spearfish are being caught with regular frequency so the over all chances of catching fish is pretty good. The Bottom fishing season won't start for a couple of months yet but I've been able to pick up a few critters here and there by dropping into my most productive fishing holes. Your best chances for success right now is to stick to trolling with lures.

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