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Date: 24 Sep 1999
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September 24, 1999

Sarasota Fla. Fishing Report

By Capt. Bob Smith

Although we have not had a direct hit from the tropical storms, the closeness has been enough to shut down the fishing. It is another September with too much dirty water and windy weather but October is coming.

Last year we had plenty of good fishing by mid October. The kings came in close to the beach and the action was hot. We also had some cobia and tarpon along the beaches. The bay had pompano, permit and Spanish mackerel. If history repeats its self, we have plenty to look forward to in October.

As soon as the water starts to clear up, we can expect to find fish but only Mother Nature knows when that will be. I find this a good time for tackle and boat maintenance. Stocking up on wire kingfish leaders and gold hook bait rigs is one of my priorities. The solid wire leaders with a Haywire twist are on the market now but you can save a lot if you make your own. For kingfish, I like to use #6 brown solid wire. I cut the wire in 12-inch lengths to make 6-inch leaders. I add a 5/0 hook using a Haywire twist and sometimes an extra stinger hook below that. I attach the wire to the monofilament leader with an Albright special. The monofilament must be at least 50-pound test to keep the line from cutting itself against the wire. You could use a swivel but I find the Albright faster and less visible, especially to a second following fish.

A solid wire leader with a Haywire twist is much better than a stranded wire with crimps but you must replace the solid wire when it kinks.

Enjoy and Protect

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