Kona Hawaii fishing report

From: Capt. Jeff Rogers
Date: 11 Oct 1999
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Kona Hawaii fishing report 10/11/99

Slow, slow, slow. Not the fish bite, the charters. It's not unusual though. It always happens this time of year. While we're sittin' here basking in the sun, we're waiting for winters first cold snap to hit the continental U.S. It always sends people who aren't yet ready to give up on summer flocking to Hawaii for a little more sun and fun. Looking at the daily catches recently you would think that fishing has been slow also but with so few boats out, the catch ratio of fish per boat is actually pretty good. Mahi Mahi has taken the lead as the most common catch in the past few days with the Pacific Blue Marlin coming in a close 2nd . The behemoth sized Marlin are being hooked up daily but getting one of these monsters all the way to the boat is a major undertaking and the big ones win the fights more often than the anglers do. The stealthy Shortnose spearfish are still coming in. If you're looking for a good eating fish, this one is near the top of my list of the best. The Ono bite is a bit slow right now but persistence has been paying off for most of Kona's commercial fishing fleet. Better news…..the Bigeye tuna season had begun. Sashimi lovers, get your chopsticks ready! The bite is on. As far as the bottom fishing goes, Amberjack, Snapper and Grouper bites are a bit slow for this time of year but it will be getting better shortly. Lets go catching.

Capt. Jeff Rogers , Kona, Hawaii , http://home1.gte.net/jfrogers , jfrogers@gte.net