Re: Bogus rankings

From: Ed
Date: 15 Oct 1999
Remote Name:


I assume you have id numbers 574 and 573. We observed your ratings getting votes from the same ip addresses over a period of 45 days. We de-ranked you because it is unfair to other sites and other anglers to have one person voting for his site daily..

As for the ice fisherman, we watched their ratings to ensure different IP's were voting for them. They have a very obvious link on their home page. Something 574 and 573 doesn't have anywhere. In addition, those two ID's had the same visitor counts, indicating that the person was coming here, voting for their own site and then clicking through. To raise both their rating and their visitor counts.

This is an open ranking system based. The Top Sites page is visited daily by 1,000+ anglers. Meaning that page is important to visitors as a source of valid opinions of other visitors. To spam the ratings and give us no return link is just plain greedy.

We have tons of ways to promote your site for free beyond the basic listing. Through our baitfish database, our new recipes databank, our FCP program, our news ticker, our auctions and 3 more areas due out within 2 weeks. Pick one that suits you just like others who wanted more traffic have done.

For example:

Demon Jigs wanted to post articles. So they get a very obvious plug every month, plus a message board, plus ad rotations and more. 

Charlie Bettel sent us a pile of people, so his ad has been shown 100,000 + times and nearly 1,000 anglers went back to his site. Same with some of the other ads.... 

Ifishonline notifies us of new articles, so they got a rotation in our ticker. So do several other sites. 

Radiant lures,  posted dozens of auctions and gave us a link. What do you think the benefit of having your product line displayed before 200+ window shoppers per day is?

If you see a pattern here, it's one hand washes the other, and we do go the extra mile for those sites who care enough about thefishfinder as evidenced by the nearly 900,000 free ads we gave away in the past 2 months.

Your sites are not excluded from growing in ranks again if the numbers are obtained in a legitimate fashion. If that is all the promotion you seek, fine. Don't ask us to take your greed lying down.