Sarasota Fla. Report 10/30/99

From: Capt. Bob Smith
Date: 30 Oct 1999
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October 30, 1999

Sarasota Fla. Fishing Report

By Capt. Bob Smith

This past week still left us in a fall pre-run mode! This was probably due to the weather change and Full Moon. Yes, we caught Spanish mackerel but you had to work hard for them and a good trip would average only two to three fish per person. Three of the best methods that worked were chumming with small live white bait, chasing the fish and casting small Diamond jigs into them and last, by trolling a small spoon on a plainer. The little tunny are still feeding on the schools of small anchovies and are not interested in much else.

By late Friday morning, some schools of cobia had started show up. The cobia were schooling just off Longboat Key around the rocks in 18 feet of water We also saw some cobia caught earlier in the week on the (I) reefs in 24-30 feet of water. We are still looking for the kingfish and the king tournament started today. Probably the best place to start looking would be Egmont Key.

Red grouper have been on the bite in 80-85 feet of water. This is about 20 miles offshore and has been a long hard ride for a small boat in this wind. If you do not know the area, you need to do your homework. No one is going to give you numbers. Get out in the area and look for other boats catching fish. Don't crowd them, but look for other spots in the same area. Record a compass bearing and distance from a spot you saved and maybe you will get there first the next time. You should be able to find other good spots to fish at the same depth.

Redfish have been good on Little Sarasota Bay but you need to catch plenty of whitebait for chumming. A few snook have also been caught. Harts reef has been holding some very nice black seabass. Use live shrimp and fish the rock piles east of the marker. We have also found flounder on Harts and the coastal (I) reefs.

Enjoy and Protect