The Water & You

From: MarkZovak@lrsa.org
Date: 14 Nov 1999
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I just would like to ask you to think about your future fishing in america. What will fishing be like for your children & grandchildren? At present 50% of America's waters are unfit for consumption. How did we ever let our waterways get so polluted? It started early in the 1900's and continued through the 1970's. Then new water resource acts were put into place. Heading into the 21st. century we must increase that 50% figure. We can not follow our fore-fathers mistakes. Industry must make money and we must all work. But the waste's from industry must be treated different. We can not go on dumping waste's into our waterways. Industry is going to have to spend the money on waste by-products in the fiture. Many companies now are looking into ways of improving this. Sewage treatment is also changing. Plants being built today are very good at treating sewage. Now some are looking into using human sewage on farms and land. Instead of dumping it into our waterways. Ecoli from wastewater in your waterways can cause a simple cold or death. No one tells you that its their. But it is and it effects everything. Algae blooms in waterways are the signs of nutrient loading. Look for pollution in your local waterway, Report it and stay on top of it. Speak out on waterway pollution. Fishing will be great after you and others start taking your waterway back from the polluters. Tell your Congressman or who ever will listen in government that things must change. We can do alot better than 50%. It's up to now...

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