No Parking For Cars With Trailers

From: Mike Donly
Date: 15 Nov 1999
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I don't understand why the Town of Georginia won't let people park at the public boat launch in the southern most part of Cooks Bay. My Dad and I have been launching our boat at this public launch on Lake Drive S. for at least ten years now. Back then, you could park your car and trailer on the property where the boat launch is and on the street out front. Then 'No Parking' signs were put up in the parking lot. Then they were put up on Lake Drive, which made us have to go about 500-1000m down the road to a different parking lot. Now, effective last year, only cars can parallel park along Lake Drive and if you have a trailer, you will be ticketed (they are prohibited). All I would like is that the town lets cars with trailers park there, or at least in the parking lot, so that everyone with a trailer would not have to go down the street just to park their car.