Quick Note

From: Ed
Date: 24 Jan 2000
Remote Name:


Hello Everyone, Just dropping in to let you know that there are some new services about to be released.

1. Baitfish our web indexer is almost completed. The new version currently has 78,000 urls with an additional 150K to be entered in. There are more, however we still need to review them.

The New Baitfish can be viewed at http://www.fishnation.com/cgibin/baitfish/search.cgi

The Old baitfish will still be running for a little while. It has 87,000 different links in it. This database will be merged with the new soon.

2. We have a new captains report area. All captains who wish to post their weekly/Monthly reports will be able to sign up and post in a special area that will be directly incorporated into Baitfish.

These and other services are about to be fully released. Please have a look.

Ed webmaster