Salmon River N.Y. Fishing Report

From: Randy Jones
Date: 07 Feb 2000
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Salmon River Fishing Report 2/7

Presently I'm finding the fishing to be overall slow. Not for everyone, but most. On my last 4 outings, my average was 2-5 steelhead hooked each day, in a 5-8 hour period. All fishing was done by drift boat between Altmar and Pineville. All other boats have had similar #'s.

If you look at past, present and future water flow's. Fishing pressure, fish movement, weather forecast and the current state of the river. I would predict continued slow fishing conditions until we have an increase in water flow. This normally happens when we receive a warming trend or rain, creating run-off. The rise in the water column should trigger a very good run of fresh fish. Presently, with the river being frozen over from the estuary up to the middle D.S.R. and low water, I would not expect large numbers of new steelhead to enter. Normally, you will not see many steelhead swim underneath the ice. The majority will wait until the ice is gone overhead and off the bottom before running up. In the last few days 5 or 6 dime bright chromers were taken in the D.S.R. area. So I guess a few are making their way up.

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