2/17 Salmon River Fishing Report and Tips

From: Randy Jones
Date: 17 Feb 2000
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Water Temp: 34 Water Level: 285 thru Friday Water Color: clear Fish Species: steelhead Pattern Fished: eggs, nymphs, and streamers Pattern Color: orange, red-eggs black, brown-stones, Fishing Quality: Sure beats a sharp stick in the eye! It's so-so, but the BEST is yet to come!

2-16 Salmon River Fishing Report

Fresh steelhead were taken over the weekend in the lower part of the river. These fresh ee's are now around 2 A. Some are creeping up underneath the ice in the estuary. Most are not. As I suggested last week, the lower end has seen very little to no fishing pressure and would be a good area to prospect. Fish are being taken through out the entire river in every hole, top to bottom. Not in big #'s. They are spread out evenly. As always you have to work for them. Keep moving and don't be afraid to change flies or colored egg sacks. In a lot of the reports that Ive been reading lately, certain areas and holes are continually mentioned as being productive. These areas will be crowded this weekend so I would check out the other 10 miles or so of river to find some unpressured fish and solitude. Believe it or not, all fish have to run the lower part of the river, before reaching the upper part. Hmm. Typically at this time of the year when we start to see spawners, the lower end of the river will have the greatest number of aggressive biters. Shelf ice is steadily disappearing along the edges of the river, which makes fishing abit easier and safer. The Josh hole up is fishable.


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