Baja East Cape Fishing Report

From: Dave Dixon
Date: 21 Mar 2000
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Baja East Cape Fleet Report East Cape Sportfishing Charter Co. http://www.eastcapefishing.com

Dorado, dorado and more dorado as the East Cape Sportfishing Charter Company's cruisers, fishing out of Hotel Los Barriles, came in to the dock. The consistent bite is putting a lot of fish into the holds. With the water temperatures holding to about 70 to 71 degrees, fish are showing up all over the fishery and taking most any offering. This includes striped marlin, which are beginning to make a strong showing despite the earliness of the season.

The big news on the bite, though, was in the north. A couple of our boats (El Dorado and the Petunia) with a group of (6) led by Michael May and Bruce Watters from the Amgen Co. got to the Punta Perico area and 15 miles out, in the vicinity of the Ocho Ocho ("The 88"). Here the guys ran into a group of the gray bottle nose dolphins (choches, the first encountered this season) and absolutely hammered the tuna. Yellowfin averaging about 25 to 30 lbs. were taken at will. It was bound to happen with all the warm water flowing into the area. This is just outstanding for the month of March!

Checking the SST map, you can see a large temperature break directly north from Punta Pescadero and due east from Perico. Temperatures are showing around 70.5 degrees on the south side and 68 degrees north of the break. This accounts for the arrival of the tuna and dolphins in that zone. The breaks are holding bait and the dolphins are feeding and providing a free chum service for the tuna.